About Residency and Citizenship

A person’s legal status underpins everything else in life. Whether or not a person or family is allowed to work, rent or buy property, have access to banking, social services such as schools and hospitals and much, much more is decided by their right to be a resident in a country or territory.

These rights are granted either through citizenship, or through an application process. It is for these reasons that many people view residency and citizenship as incredibly important.

This recognition leads to the further understanding that people with substantial wealth are willing to pay for better or improved rights. Since the European Union operates a policy of freedom of movement and the Schengen Zone, those rights are very valuable in Europe. They are even more valuable to wealthy people from around the world that are not EU citizens, but wish that they and their families were.

Being able to arrange a new passport by paying fees and investing money, is now a sector of some economies. Known as citizenship by investment, it is a lucrative arena in which millions, or even billions, of euros and dollars move every year. Since investing your way to a new passport is not popular with everyone, this sector is generally one that is not promoted heavily. Hard data can be difficult to locate. Therefore, the size of the market is unknown.

What is known is that there is a willing base of wealthy buyers around the world and a small number of governments that offer citizenship by investment schemes to these buyers. In between sits an army of lawyers and professional consultants to ease the passage of wealth.

This website looks at the important topics of residency and citizenship to explain and locate ways to understand the world differently.